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About Dr. Caveney

Hi! I'm Angi!

I have been a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist for over 20 years. I am also the founder of The Trybe Women's Social Club.

Are you:

  • Feeling overwhelmed, "stuck" or just plain unmotivated?

  • Wondering who you are now and what's next for you?

  • Going through a major life transition and looking for guidance?

  • Having trouble finding, making and maintaining healthy relationships?

  • Interested in finding (or maybe even creating) your own community of like-minded people?


My approach is highly practical and action oriented. Together, we'll craft a vision for your life that EXCITES you...and then we'll create the step-by-step plan that gets you results quickly.


I'll be with you every step of the way, supporting and guiding you...and also holding you accountable to ensure you are successful.

You CAN do this!

Credentials & Education

Doctoral. I completed a B.S., an M.A., and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Central Michigan University.

Post Doctoral Specialization. I completed Post Doctoral and Neuropsychological specialization training at the University of Michigan. 

Academic Career. After more than 20 years as a member of the faculty at the University of Michigan, I reduced my role to consultant in 2022 in order to pursue my clinical interests, including midlife transitions and community building.


 Current Grant Support

National Institutes of Health/National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (1 UG3 HL145269-04)

ICECAP: Influence of Cooling duration on Efficacy in Cardiac Arrest Patients (Co-Investigator)

09/2019-08/2025, ($27,000,000 total costs).


National Institutes of Health/NHLBI/NINDS (2 U24 NS100659-06)

Strategies to Innovate EmeRgENcy Care Clinical Trials Network (SIREN) - Clinical

Coordinating Center (CCC) (Co-Investigator) 2/01/2023 – 1/31/2028, ($3,553,392 total costs).


National Institutes of Health-Department of Health and Human Services - US through a

consortium with Hennepin Healthcare Research (I-16-PAF06833 U01NS095926-05) Hyperbaric

Oxygen Brain Injury Treatment (HOBIT) Trial (Co-Investigator), 09/2017 – 12/2024.

($1,062,426 total costs).

Publications & Presentations

I have published and/or presented over 50 professional research papers in prestigious peer reviewed scientific journals and at professional scientific conferences. A few highlights:


New England Journal of Medicine

Pradilla, G., Ratcliff, J. J., Hall, A. J., Saville, B. R., Allen, J. W., Paulon, G., McGlothlin, A., Lewis, R. J., Fitzgerald, M., Caveney, A. F., et. al, for the ENRICH trial investigators. 2024. Trial of Early Minimally Invasive Removal of Intracerebral Hemorrhage. N Engl J Med, 390, 1277-1289.



Caveney AF, Langenecker SA, Pandey AS, Farah LB, Ortiz JA, Huq N, Bhaumik R,  Thompson BG, Giordani BJ, Auer D, Morgenstern LB (2019). Neuropsychological changes  in patients undergoing treatment of unruptured intracranial aneurysms. Neurosurgery, 84, 581-587.


New England Journal of Medicine

Wright DW, Yeatts SD, Silbergleit R, Palesch YY, Hertzberg VS, Frankel M, Goldstein FC,  Caveney AF, Howlett-Smith H, Bengelink EM, Manley GT, Merck LH, Janis LS, Barsan W  (2014). Very Early Administration of Progesterone for Acute Traumatic Brain Injury. N Engl J Med, 371, 2457-2465. 


Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment

Caveney AF, Haig GM, Giordani B (2008). Preliminary effects of pagoclone, a partial  GABAA agonist, on neuropsychological performance. Neuropsychiatric Disease and  Treatment, 4, 277-282.  


Psychiatry Research

Langenecker SA, Caveney AF, Giordani B, Young EA, Nielson KA, Rapport LJ,  Bieliauskas LA, Mordhorst M, Marcus S, Yodkovik N, Kerber K, Berent S, Zubieta J-K  (2007). The sensitivity and psychometric properties of a brief computer-based cognitive  screening battery in a depression clinic. Psychiatry Research, 152, 143-154. 



Samra SK, Giordani B, Caveney AF, Clarke WR, Scott PA, Anderson S, Todd M,  Thompson BG (2007). Recovery of Cognitive Function after Surgery for Aneurysmal  Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. Stroke, 38, 1864-1872.  

Ready To Create Your Own Tribe?

The world needs leaders like you to step up and take action!

From my 7th grade "Why Be Normal" club of fellow misfits to The Trybe Women's Social Club of today, creating community is simply in my blood. My passion is sharing the wisdom of my 30 years' experience with those who are ready to find and lead their own tribes.

People need to belong. They need growth. They need to contribute. They need leaders to guide them.


Is this you? Are you ready?

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