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Human design is an amazing tool for self-awareness and self-development that incorporates elements from astrology, the I-Ching, the Hindu Chakra system, and the Judaic Kabbalah to show us how we are each uniquely wired to operate.

You'll walk away from this class knowing how your energy works and how to manage it so that you:

  • have enough energy for the things you love to do,
  • can manifest opportunities and know which ones are right
  • make the most aligned decisions for yourself


I recommend looking up your human design chart for free on one of the following websites before watching the class: Get Your Chart , Genetic Matrix


About the Host

Marla Tseng is a holistic career coach who uses astrology, human design, and other personal development tools to help unhappy professionals figure out the type of work that lights them up.  With her background as a lawyer in the corporate world for nearly 14 years, Marla now bridges the professional and metaphysical worlds, bringing a grounded, strategic and heart-centered approach to her work with clients. 


Having experienced firsthand the many possibilities that can open up once we unlock the secrets of our astrological and human design blueprints, Marla is committed to empowering her clients with the knowledge, insights, and motivation for them to become clear on, and to pursue, their soul-aligned work.


Learn more about Marla:  Many Worlds Many Possibilities | Astrology & Human Design Coaching

Human Design with Marla Tseng

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