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You constantly feel tired. You have low-to-no energy. You’re out-of-sorts and moody. And you just feel blah. If you identify with some or all of these and there’s no obvious acute physical cause, there are 4 essential steps that you need to take. The Reclaim Your Energy and Revitalize Your Life workshop lays out these four steps for you and provides you with practical strategies and guidance to regain your energy and improve your overall well-being.


About the Host, Robyn Mooring

Robyn Mooring is a board-certified holistic health coach and nutrition consultant and the owner of Peppermint Tea Holistic Health & Wellness. She is also a writer, former journalist, boy/men mom, wife, caretaker for her aging mother, and almost empty nester. She got into health coaching after turning her own health around and realizing how important it is that women over 40 have a support system in place for taking control of their health.


Her approach to optimal health and wellness is based on taking the whole person into account and understanding that everything is connected. She believes that a healthy lifestyle is the means, not the end! It’s what allows us to do the things that we want to do and affects how we show up in the world. Robyn is here to support her clients in a knowledgeable, compassionate, and individualized way on their health and wellness journey.


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Reclaim Your Energy & Revitalize Your Life with Robyn Mooring

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