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In business, the next move can often seem like a riddle. 'Next Move Mastery' is here to crack that code. This virtual class cuts through the fog with 'The Process,' a clear-cut strategy to pinpoint what matters. 


We’ll tackle the elusive nature of decision-making head-on, arming you with practical tools to dissect your challenges and take bold, strategic action. No more guesswork, just smart steps forward. Ready to clear the haze and lead your business with certainty? Dive into 'Next Move Mastery' and chart your course to clear, decisive action.




About the Host


Christin has a wealth of experience when it comes to running and operating small businesses. She is a true serial entrepreneur, having founded Delta Life Fitness, a women’s boutique fitness concept with units open all across the United States. She was named as one of the 50 women of wonder in franchising by Franchise Dictionary Magazine in 2019. Christin has opened and operated over 10 businesses in her career. Christin is originally from Southeast Texas but is currently based in Magnolia, Texas, where she operates her business, entreProcess. In her role, Christin works alongside small business owners to achieve their goals of successfully scaling their small  business.

Next Move Mastery with Christin Cherry

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