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Kristin Silverberg

Ladies Only | Monthly Meetings | $12 per month

Welcome to our club, designed for aspiring gardeners, new gardeners, and those seeking to understand and adopt the principles of organic vegetable gardening!

In addition to insightful discussions about the necessary steps for tending to our gardens and preparing for the upcoming month, we will cover everything from building your garden to maintaining it through each season.

As a dedicated organic gardening club, all our education and principles are rooted in organic practices. We harness the power of natural science to address garden challenges and cultivate a thriving vegetable garden.

Club fees cover expert, step-by-step guidance and support, featuring garden field trips, in-person and video demonstrations, as well as text messages providing to-do lists and insights on what to observe and undertake in the garden. Join us on this green journey to nurture your gardening skills and harvest success organically!

Sow and Grow Vegetable Garden Club

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Come hang out with us! We'd love to get to know you!

Get To Know Trybe Clubs

What Are Trybe Clubs

The Trybe Women’s Social Club has three primary missions: facilitate growth, connections, and impact. With Trybe Clubs, you can do all three! Trybe Clubs are dedicated groups of women that share a common bond. Whether it’s a passion for bird watching, female entrepreneurship, a support group for life’s changes, or you just want to try something new, there’s a club for you. 


Clubs Are Available to Paid Members

You can join The Trybe Women’s Social Club today by clicking this link. The Inner Circle & Friends are groups of the Trybe Women’s Social Club’s most dedicated members. These ladies are enthusiastic about making the most of every day, making connections, and really getting in touch with who they are. Inner Circle members also enjoy exclusive perks, including free events, text notifications, ticket discounts, and more!

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