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78 Social Event Ideas That Will Elevate Your Club Socials

Jazzercise is one of the great ideas for social club events

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As the leader of The Trybe Women's Social Club, I spend a lot of my time brainstorming event ideas for our club socials.

A great event activity injects energy into the gathering, breaks the ice among new club members and deepens connections among members who already know each other.

A great club social is MEMORABLE.

To accomplish this, you need a great social event idea.

This comprehensive list of 78 social event ideas is designed as a starting point to help you begin to brainstorm activities for your own club socials. I've included a mix of tried-and-true favorites, as well as some more innovative concepts that cater to various interests and group dynamics.

Get ready to transform your club socials into memorable occasions that your members will look forward (and actually show up) to!

A Quick Word About Social Clubs

I have previously written extensively on social club topics including What is a Social Club, Reasons to Join a Social Club and the Benefits of Starting Your Own Social Club. If you have not already, I encourage you to review these articles because they provide a great foundation for understanding the world of social clubs.

Now, back to our originally scheduled programming...

Goat yoga was one of my best ideas for social club events

How I Find Social Event Ideas

The Trybe Women's Social Club held over 150 club socials in its first 2 years, with over 80 of these being entirely unique social club activities. People are constantly asking me how I come up with all these great event ideas for our club's socials.

My secret?

You might think that it has something to do with my years' experience leading a social club, or my fancy Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology...but the honest truth is that it's extremely easy - and anyone can do it. Truly. Anyone.

As the leader of a social club, you simply need to open your eyes to the opportunities around you. They are EVERYWHERE.

Talk to people you already know. Ask them about the people they know who do something interesting. Now, talk to those individuals, and then ask them whom they know who does something interesting. And so on.

Make an effort to meet local business owners. Ask them what they know and do. What can they teach? (Leading an event for your club is a GREAT marketing opportunity for local business owners, so long as your audiences align.)

As your social club membership grows, get to know your members. Ask them about their skills and passions. What activities can they lead?

 The best part?

As your club gains momentum, people who do interesting things will actively start finding and reaching out to you. By the time The Trybe hit its one year mark, the biggest problem I had in terms of thinking of club event ideas, was figuring out which opportunities to turn down.

The Single Biggest Mistake I've Made When Planning Club Socials

Before we launch into our list of social club event ideas, do you want to know what I get wrong?

It's so simple, it's embarrassing. Such a rookie move. Yet, I still do it from time to time.

Sometimes...I forget to ask my social club members if they actually WANT to do/learn a certain thing. 🤦‍♀️

I ask them a LOT. I listen to them a LOT. I THINK I KNOW them.

But then, once in a while, I'll come up with a social event idea that I'm really excited about. I'm so sure that it's a great idea that I don't even think to ask anyone else if THEY like the idea.

Sometimes the social event idea works...and sometimes I get nothing but crickets.

It's disappointing when this happens, but it's also always a great opportunity to learn and a reminder to continually communicate with club members.

Pickleball was one of my most popular ideas for social club events

Physical Fitness & Sport Social Event Ideas

Physical fitness and sporty social event ideas are numerous, generally very popular and a great place to begin when thinking of club socials.

Pickle ball was The Trybe's first event and, to date, it is the only event we've ever repeated and nearly immediately "sold out" both times.

Here are a few of my favorite fitness and sport activities for club socials:

Axe throwing was one of the guys favorite ideas for social club events

1. Axe Throwing

Axe throwing was an exhilarating experience that our club members are still talking about nearly two years later! There's just something deeply satisfying about the thunk of the axe as it hits the wooden target. This activity is the perfect blend of concentration, technique, and touch of friendly competition to make it engaging for everyone.

Pro tip! If you lead a women's social club, invite the guys to this one and host a battle of the sexes. (Of course, the girls won our event!)

2. Bike Ride to Breakfast

Starting the day with fresh air, gentle exercise, and the collective rhythm of friends pedaling is invigorating and sets a positive, energetic tone for the day.

As we ride, conversations develop naturally, enabling members to get to know each other in a comfortable, relaxed way. The rewarding breakfast at a local café is the perfect ending to our shared journey.

3. Bowling

Remember bowling? It may have been a while since you tried this classic sport, but I encourage you to consider it for one of your club socials because it strikes the perfect balance between casual play and competitive spirit.

The laid-back atmosphere of a bowling alley is the perfect setting for club members of all skill levels to mingle and cheer each other on.

goat yoga was one of the more unique social event ideas for clubs

4. Goat Yoga

To date, our Goat Yoga social club event, was the most intriguing of all. It is this event that always piques people's interest when they ask me for examples of what we do during our club socials.

Combining the familiarity and relaxation of yoga with the playful antics of adorable little goats socialized to saunter around, cuddle and even jump on our backs as we strike poses is pure genius. (Kudos to whomever first came up with this idea!)

5. Jazzercise

Jazzercise, a fitness class featuring energetic dance moves, has been around for over 50 years and (did you realize?) is still going strong!

Our "costumes encouraged" Jazzercise club social was themed "Jazzercise Through the Decades", and featured music from the 70s through today (and even a surprise appearance by "Richard Simmons").

As we jumped around and laughed until we (some of us literally) peed our pants, we bonded over shared rhythms and the sheer ridiculousness of the event. The feel great, endorphin levels in the room were as high as Richard's voice!

Jiu Jitsu suprised me as one of the great social event ideas for clubs

6. Jiu Jitsu

When one of our members suggested Jiu Jitsu as an activity for a social club, I wasn’t sure how it would be received.

I wondered, are women actually interested in Jiu Jitsu?

To my delight, this event was a resounding success! The art of Jiu Jitsu emphasizes skill over strength, making it a discipline where everyone, regardless of size or fitness level, can participate meaningfully.

During our Jiu Jitsu event, members engaged both mind and body, learning to trust and communicate with one another in entirely new ways.

7. Pickleball

As I mentioned above, pickleball was my choice for The Trybe's first club social because of the number of people who either already play this sport, or are curious about learning.

Pickleball is an ideal social club activity because it is appropriate for all ages, is relatively easy to understand and play at a beginner level and requires teamwork and strategy.

Some of our members enjoyed our pickleball activity so much that they formed their own pickleball club, which continues to play weekly, years after our first event.

Qigong - social event ideas for clubs

8. Qigong

Qigong is rare in that it is truly a universally accessible physical activity. Literally anyone can do it. I have to admit that before I organized a Qigong session, I didn't actually know what Qigong was. Thankfully, our social club members are adventurous and women (originally) from 9 different countries showed up!

As our experienced and very talented Qigong leader took us through a series of exercises, I witnessed a collective sense of tranquility wash over us as we moved through the gentle, flowing exercises. At one point we were "sea plants", at another, we were "those people you see in the park". By the end we all felt somehow both relaxed and energized.

9. Self Defense Class

When reviewing the results of the very first event interest survey that I sent out to my social club members, I was surprised to see that a self defense class was near the top of the list.

After locating a well-respected local self defense class teacher, I posted a 5 hour, Sunday event and then held my breath. Would anyone not only give up 5 hours of their Sunday, but also pay to do it?

I had nothing to worry about. This class was very popular and well received. It was an empowering, valuable experience that boosted everyone's confidence and feelings of security.

10. Wooden Pillow Class

When I first came across the idea of a wooden pillow class for our social club, I was both intrigued about this ancient method of relaxation and (more than a bit) skeptical.

However, after only a single class, the therapeutic benefits of using a wooden pillow to relieve tension in the body could not be denied. In fact, more than half of the members who attended this event purchased wooden pillows and continue to use them!

Nature & Eco Friendly Social Event Ideas

In my experience, events that give club members a chance to get out into nature are always very well attended.

A few of the nature-based club socials that we've enjoyed include:

11. Beekeeping Class

We brought in a master beekeeper to teach us the basics of the delicate art and science behind managing a hive, the importance of bees to our ecosystem and the process of honey production. Members who were interested in having their own hives were encouraged to seek mentorship.

Birdwatching is one of many fun events to do

12. Birding

Birding has been an unexpectedly popular activity within our membership. The anticipation of spotting rare birds, coupled with the peacefulness of being surrounded by nature is truly therapeutic. Sharing binoculars and guidebooks, we not only enhance our knowledge of avian life but also deepen our relationships through exciting shared discoveries.

13. Butterfly Gardening

Our butterfly gardening class was an enchanting and educational event, at which we learned about native flowers and how to create pollinator habitats in our own spaces. At the end of the class, we released butterflies that had been lovingly reared from caterpillars by one of our members. It was magical.

14. Forest Bathing

Forest bathing was a popular event that surpassed all our expectations. Immersing ourselves in the essence of the forest, we practiced mindfulness and breathed deeply, absorbing the woodland's tranquility. As the hustle of daily life faded away, the shared serenity was almost palpable.

15. Herb Gardening

There's something inherently gratifying about nurturing plants that can later be used in our kitchens, from adding fresh basil to a homemade pasta sauce to muddling mint for a refreshing mojito.

At our herb gardening class, club members built and planted an herb spiral while learning about soil and various herbs and their uses. Adding to this sensory experience, we ended this event by making and enjoying craft cocktails with some of the herbs we planted.

Forest bathing and mandala creation are fun events to do

16. Mandala Nature Walk

As we ventured into the wonders of the natural world on our mandala nature walk, each of us was tasked with finding natural materials that "spoke" to us.

At the end of the walk, we gathered together to create a community mandala. This event provided a uniquely artistic way to foster both a sense of inner peace and group cohesion.

17. Plant-Based Food Class

Our plant-based food class was more than a cooking class; it was an educational journey that taught us the benefits and versatility of plant-based cuisine.

This event catered to everyone, from vegans to the veg-curious, and encouraged inclusivity and respect for dietary choices. It was a wonderful way to introduce club members to sustainable eating habits while enjoying the companionship that comes from cooking and savoring food together.

18. Vineyard Visit

Our visit to a local vineyard was a memorable convergence of education and leisure, making for an exceptionally delightful club social. Strolling through rows of lush vines, we tasted wines in their birthplace while a vintner passionately explained the intricate process of wine making — from grape to glass.

game nights of all kinds are fun events to do

Game Based Social Event Ideas

When you think of social event ideas, I'm guessing that games come immediately to mind.

Here are a few popular game based social event ideas for you to consider for your club socials:

19. Bingo

I don't understand how it's possible that BINGO is still popular, but it just is. Every time I plan a Bingo night, it's an undeniable hit. Perhaps it's the light-hearted competition and laughter, or maybe it's just sentimentality. Regardless, there is no denying Bingo's staying power.

20. Board games - game night

At our social club's game nights, the laughs are plentiful as allegiances are formed and friendly rivalries take shape. I firmly believe that hosting at least one game night is a MUST for all social club leaders. Whether it's board games, group party games (our favorite being Telestrations After Dark) or hiring a local dungeon master, there's nothing like the bonds that are formed and strengthened over rolling dice and moving pieces.

21. Bunco

I also continue to be amazed at Bunco’s continued popularity as a way to hang out with friends. I think that it's due to the fact that Bunco is a very simple dice game that can be played with a large group of people while drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Our club has not yet had a Bunco night, but this is only because Bunco groups are EVERYWHERE in our area so members have other options for enjoying this activity.

22. Mahjong

The rich cultural heritage and the detailed craftsmanship of the tiles result in Mahjong bringing an exotic flair to social gatherings. This game's balance of luck and skill make every round unpredictable and exciting, fostering an atmosphere of friendly competition and deep concentration.

Planning a Mahjong night for your social club can cultivate a deeper appreciation for strategic gameplay, while also allowing members to immerse themselves in a culturally enriching experience.

23. Poker

Poker is not just for the guys, ladies! There's a reason it's so well loved as a unique social experience that brings people together. When you sit around a poker table, it's not just about the cards. It's also about the dialogue, the camaraderie, and the shared excitement and hopeful promise of each new hand. 

24. Yahtzee Tournament

Tournaments for games like Yahtzee are perfect member unifiers for social clubs because they are easy to learn, enjoyable for people of all ages, and encourage light competition that is as much about luck as it is about tactical thinking. It's amazing how simple games of chance and strategy can create such exhilarating moments, and spark so much engagement and social interaction among club members.

Animal oracles was one of the fun events to do with our club

Wellness & Spirituality Social Event Ideas

There's almost no end to the fascinating social events you can create in this category. Just open your mind and start talking to people.

A few of my favorite wellness and spirituality social event ideas are:

25. Animal Oracles

Our animal oracles class turned out to be a powerful social event that left everyone mesmerized and reflective. At this event, each member found a unique connection with one or more animal guides, creating a personal and spiritual experience that was shared within the group, creating space for members to explore spirituality and togetherness in a nurturing and accepting environment.

Aura Reading is at the top of the list of fun events to do

26. Aura Reading

We have done several aura reading events already and they never fail to capture everyone's curiosity and spark deep conversations about personal energy and spirituality.

If you're aiming to introduce an element of mystique and personal growth to your club socials, an aura reading class is a good bridge between popular culture and spirituality and a captivating way to engage your members and add depth to the club's activities.

27. Buddhism 101 Class

Inviting a Buddhist monk to lead a Buddhism 101 Class was an enlightening (see how I did that?) experience that tantalized the spiritual curiosity of our social club members.

Listening to the monk share wisdom about mindfulness, compassion, and the Four Noble Truths opened a gateway for members to actively engage by asking thoughtful, philosophical questions as well as practical ones about what exactly the daily life of a monk looks like.

fun events to do - talk to a Buddhist Monk!

28. Chakras Class

Our Chakras class allowed members of our club to explore the concept of energy centers in the body and their significant impact on our overall well-being. Delving into the intricacies of the chakras fostered self-awareness as we learned about balance and inner harmony.

29. Chinese Face Reading Class

The Chinese Face Reading event was a surprisingly well attended and captivating social event idea. At first, I was skeptical, unsure of how our diverse group would respond to such a mystical and intimate activity.

However, the ancient wisdom shared by the face reading expert not only unveiled aspects of our personalities, but also how we present ourselves to the world. It was intriguing to see members connect over insights on their strengths and challenges, as this event brought a fun and unique approach to self-awareness.

Pro Tip! Invite spouses to this one. It's fun to watch the person whose face is being read deny certain personality characteristics while their spouse (out of view) nods adamantly.

30. Cold Plunge With Breathwork Class

Deliberately exposing ourselves to nearly freezing water while focusing on controlled breathing techniques honestly sounds like my worst nightmare. However, in the spirit of "Trybing New Things" and getting out of my comfort zone, we have this event planned for later this year.

From what I've heard from others, a breathwork class followed by a cold plunge will be a revitalizing and invigorating experience that bonds us in unexpected ways as we support and cheer each other on, embracing the discomfort and the rush of endorphins.

Fun events to do - kitten therapy

31. Kitten Therapy

When our family fostered kittens for a local animal rescue organization, I offered a "kitten therapy" experience that was an absolute delight. The concept was simple. It's impossible to feel anything other than joyful when you sit in a room filled with the gentle purring and playful antics of kittens. It was the purr-fect opportunity for members to unwind, take their minds off their stressors and just feel happy.

32. Muscle Testing

Muscle testing turned out to be an interesting event for our social club members as we delved into the holistic understanding of the energy within our bodies. As we engaged in muscle strength assessments and learned about the connections between our physical health and emotional well being, this event sparked curiosity and lively conversations.

Hiring a mystic can create moving and powerful club socials

33. Mystic Readings

We were enthralled and captivated by the enigmatic presence of the mystic we brought in to channel our ancestors and give us a unique opportunity to connect with our pasts in ways that were both profound and intensely personal.

As I reflect on the POWERFUL emotive responses and the bonding that this shared experience evoked within our group, I am convinced that including such a mesmerizing activity would add a layer of depth and introspection to any social club.

34. Salt Body Float

Engaging in a salt body float turned out to be a blissful reprieve that transcended the typical social outing. As we floated effortlessly, buoyed by the dense saline water, a profound sense of calm washed over all of us.

35. Shamanic Full Moon Drumming Ceremony

Our shamanic full moon drumming ceremony resonated with the primal rhythm of life itself. As the percussive beats echoed under the silver glow of the moon, it was as though the drumbeats were syncing with our own heartbeats, aligning us in harmony with nature and with each other.

Note. This experience is so deeply relaxing that several of our members fell asleep!

A spirit animal journey is a great idea for club socials

36. Shamanic Spirit Animal Journey

During our shamanic spirit animal journey we each went searching for our own, personal spirit animal guides. It was an incredibly memorable, deeply introspective voyage that offered us a new way to view ourselves and our connections to the natural world. If you're looking for a social club event that will bond members in new and unique ways, and lead to a great conversation and inside jokes for years to come, this is a great option.

37. Yoga Nidra Journey

The Trybe has already enjoyed a few yoga nidra journeys and no two have been the same. As we lay there, guided by a serene voice and powerful musical instruments, a sense of calm and profound relaxation washes over the entire group as we detach from the daily hustle and sink into a communal space of stillness and peace.

38. Zendoodling/Zentangles

The meditative art of Zendoodling, or Zentangles, is a good option if you're looking for a club social event idea that provides a doorway to mindfulness that is easy for everyone to access. The focus required to draw the intricate patterns has a pleasant meditative quality that brings a sense of collective zen to the group. As we shared our creations, the room buzzed with a creative energy that was both calming and exhilarating.

zendoodling is a relaxing idea for club socials

39. Zen Sound Bath Meditation

A zen sound bath meditation can be a powerfully transformative social club activity. During this experience, participants are immersed in waves of sound frequencies, created by instruments such as singing bowls, drums, and chimes. These resonant tools produce harmonic vibrations that envelop our bodies and minds, leading to deep relaxation and meditative states. The sounds are not just heard; they're felt as pulsating rhythms through every cell of our bodies.

Lots of people think charcuterie are fun events to do

Food & Drink Social Event Ideas

It's hard to go wrong when planning a club social event around food and drinks. These types of events are nearly universally popular.

A few of my favorite food and drink social event ideas include:

40. Charcuterie

Charcuterie, the artful arrangement of gourmet meats, cheeses and accompaniments, is an intensely popular social event idea that I have to admit has absolutely no appeal to me whatsoever.

BUT - as the leader of a social club, sometimes you have to take a hit for the team and simply deliver what your members ask for. The members of The Trybe absolutely LOVE charcuterie, and I suspect yours will as well.

Pro tip! Learn from my mistake... Few members will want to actually create the board itself. This is all about food design.

41. Coffee Tasting

We love to drink coffee, but do we actually know anything about it? A well designed coffee tasting introduces the nuanced complexity of coffee as members are guided through the rich tapestry of aromas, textures, and flavors of coffee beans from around the world. This sensory journey not only refines our coffee palettes, but also deepens our appreciation for the intricate art and science that goes into brewing the perfect cup.

42. Cooking Classes

Curries, chapati, shawarma, grilled pizza, traditional holiday favorites... cooking class social event ideas could fill numerous blog articles all by themselves. It almost doesn't matter what the specific cooking topic is. When I post a cooking class opportunity, the class will fill quickly. There's just something charming and compelling about combining the joy of learning with the pleasure of eating.

Pro tip! People particularly love "hands-on" cooking experiences.

We've already done 2 cookie decorating club socials

43. Cookie/Cake Decorating

Cookie and cake decorating consistently perform well in my social club event interest surveys. These club socials are popular because they combine the joy of artistic creation with the simple pleasure of sweet indulgences. We typically structure cookie or cake decorating events to begin with a lesson and practicing and then let participants loose to either color "within the lines" of the model or showcase their personalities in icing.

44. Mixology

Ever popular, mixology classes are not just about enjoying a carefully crafted cocktail; they are interactive, educational and interactive experiences where participants learn to appreciate the nuances of various spirits, mixers and additives.

During this hands-on experience, club members should be encouraged to experiment with new ingredients to concoct their own signature blends. A mixology class is the ultimate social catalyst, inspiring conversation and camaraderie as everyone toasts to and enjoys their creations.

45. Recipe Swap

When one of our members suggested we do a recipe swap, I immediately knew she was on to something. This is the type of club social that easily resonates with members of our community because it combines the opportunity to share our cultural heritage, personal stories, and family culinary secrets. It's a celebration of diversity and personal taste - quite literally.

46. Saké Tasting

Our Saké Tasting class exposed us to the delicate nuances of this traditional Japanese beverage. We learned about the different types of Saké, the brewing process, and its rich history—all while sipping and enjoying a surprising variety of flavors. Sharing our impressions of each tasting note, we broadened our palates as we laughed and shared personal stories of our past experiences with this surprisingly potent beverage.

Sushi making is a fun event to do

47. Sushi Making

Making sushi is such an artful and meticulous craft that I thought about featuring it in the art, instead of the food, section of this article. As we combined fresh ingredients with precise techniques to create delicate and visually appealing rolls, our instructor took us into a deep dive into the intricate world of Japanese sushi preparation. From learning how to prepare the perfect sushi rice to mastering the art of rolling a California or spicy tuna roll, this event turned out to be a perfect way to socialize, with the added bonus of enjoying a delicious, homemade meal together.

A fancy tea party is an elegant theme for your club socials

48. Tea Education and Party

The Trybe Women's Social Club is generally a casual club, however, our "fancy" high tea party offered members a whimsical opportunity don our finest attire and enjoy a moment of elegance as we learned about and sipped our way through the expansive world of teas.

49. Wine Tasting

No social club would be complete without at least one wine tasting event on its agenda. Wine tastings are very popular because they provide a captivating experience that engages all of our senses. With each pour comes new stories, whether about the wine making process, the heritage of the vineyard at which the grapes were grown, or even our own personal anecdotes that the flavors invoke. Do you taste a hint of bubble gum?

Acrylic Pour Painting is a fun event to do

Fine Art & Craft Social Event Ideas

Whether it's soft brush strokes on a canvas, the tactile pleasure of weaving or of molding clay, fine art and craft events provide the perfect blend of tranquility and community.

The club social event possibilities in this category are VAST. Here are a few we've already enjoyed:

50. Acrylic Pour Painting

Acrylic pour painting is an excellent beginner art social club event because it's extremely easy to create a visually stunning result. There is something simply mesmerizing about the experience of watching colors slide and blend into unpredictable designs. Each time we do this activity, we marvel at the very different, serendipitous ways that our color choices and slight tilts of our canvases combine into something truly unique.

51. Candle Making

Candle making is a fantastic social club event because (who doesn't like candles?) it allows us to create and take home something that we can enjoy for months to come. As we delve into the scientific and mathematical process of selecting the perfect combination of vessel of waxes, wicks, and fragrances, we're drawn into a sensory experience that is both personal and communal.

52. Chunky Blanket Weaving

In our chunky blanket weaving class, we immersed ourselves in the cozy art of creating something useful, beautiful, warm and snug. Once we got the knack of interlacing our loops and knots, we naturally engaged in gentle conversation and shared laughter as we watched our blankets take shape.

Flower arranging is a fun event to do for club socials

53. Flower Arranging

This is another social club activity that has repeatedly surprised me with its popularity. I think there is just something compelling about gathering together to celebrate the delicate elegance of blooms and foliage and produce something beautiful that we can enjoy in our homes.

54. Mandala Plate Painting

Our mandala plate painting class provided a peaceful retreat from our busy lives as we dove into a world of intricate patterns and explored the ancient art of mandala creation. As we delicately painted symmetrical designs onto our ceramic plates, a quiet came over the room as we each found ourselves enveloped in a lightly relaxed, meditative state.

55. Ornament Painting

During our ornament painting session, we gathered to transform simple slices of wood into personalized masterpieces. This activity is a perfect fit for a social club because it allows us to make something interesting while enjoying each other's company. As we painted, we engaged in light-hearted conversation, exchanged jokes, and supported each other's artistic expression.

56. Photography 101 Class

During our Photography 101 Class, which focused on iPhone photography, we learned the fundamentals of capturing moments through the lens of a camera. We all were quite amazed at how powerful and versatile the cameras on our iPhones are!

The class began with photography basics, like understanding composition and lighting, and before we knew it, we were diving into the hidden features of our phone cameras that we never even knew existed.

soap making is best done at smaller club socials

57. Soap Making Workshop

In our small group Soap Making Workshops, we come together to explore the art and science of handcrafting soap from scratch. Learning about the process of saponification, we combine our oils and additives - and create our own custom fragrance blends and color designs. There's just something joyful about creating a product that is both highly personal and essentially useful.

58. Wreath Making

There is a very large variety of types of wreath making classes, from traditional winter holiday wreaths to decorative mesh wreaths for literally all possible occasions. In our wreath making classes, we gather to express our creativity through working with our hands as we engage in low pressure, light-hearted conversations.

Inviting the author is one of my favorite ideas for book clubs

Event Ideas for Book Clubs

I decided that book related events deserved their own category since book clubs are such a quintessential and ubiquitous type of social club.

A couple of event ideas for book clubs include:

59. Level Up Your Book Club by Inviting the Author!

Imagine your book club sitting together, discussing your latest page-turner, sipping your favorite beverages, and debating the highs and lows of the plot. Now, imagine adding the author into the mix. Boom! Mic drop!

I remember the first time I invited an author to one of our book club meetings. I honestly didn't think she'd even answer my email. But she did. And she came! Being able to ask her our burning questions, delve deeper into character motivations and to hearh her behind the scenes stories and inspirations was truly AWESOME.

Having invited many more authors since that day, I can say with experience that authors are the most gracious of "celebrities", happy to share their inner worlds with their readers. So, I encourage you to just reach out. You have nothing to lose and an amazing experience to gain!

60. Book Themed Events

Another way to take the immersive fun of a book club up a notch is to bring the book to life by turning the club meeting into a themed experience. At times, my book club will dress up as our favorite characters, prepare food and drinks that are aligned with the location or time period (or, better yet, are mentioned within the chapters), or even decorate our meeting space to match the setting of the book. It's like we're stepping right inside the pages!

Mental Health Awareness Social Event Ideas

Holding a social event centered on mental health awareness can be a powerful way for club members to connect, support each other, and break the stigma that too often silences these important conversations.

A few common topics for mental health related social event ideas include:

61. Burnout and Stress Class

Burnout. Who hasn't been there? Stretched to our limits and feeling like we're juggling too much. If you want to host a class on burnout and stress, I recommend inviting a knowledgeable speaker who can educate the group, provide practical takeaways and facilitate a supportive discussion among group members. When done well, this discussion will forge powerful bonds within the club, creating a community that lifts each other up when the going gets tough.

62. Core Personal Values Class

I'm slightly obsessed with core values. (You can read more about their importance and how to find your own in this article about personal core values.)

A class about core personal values class can be very enlightening and fun event to host.

After an introductory discussion about what core values are, participants determine and define their own, and then share their thoughts with the group.

It's a perfect way for club members to get to know themselves and each other on a deeper level. We're no longer acquaintances; we're teammates on this journey we call LIFE.

63. Mindful Eating Class

Mindful eating is about savoring every bite, appreciating the flavors, and really tuning in to how food makes us feel. In our mindful eating class, our instructor taught us techniques to help us develop a healthier, more harmonious relationship with food. I was pleasantly, very surprised by the depth of the conversation we had as a group during this class. Members opened up about all different kinds of personal challenges. I guess this is what happens when people have an opportunity to engage with each other over something we all love—food!

Vision boarding is a thoughtful idea for club socials

64. Vision Board Class

The purpose of a vision board class is for members to turn their abstract dreams and goals into a physical, visual display of inspiration that they look at every single day. At our vision board event, after everyone completed their boards, we went around and shared our hopes and ambitions with the group. Months later, I still hear members checking in on each other regarding the dreams they talked about that day.

An 80s party is a classic theme for club socials

Large Party Social Event Ideas

The Trybe doesn't host a lot of large social events because they simply are not the best option for building meaningful friendships. However, a few times a year we do love to just let our hair down and blow off steam in a loud and hysterical way. These events may not be amazing community builders, but they do create lasting memories and a lot of inside jokes.

Here are a few of our favorite large club socials:

65. Host an 80s Party

Like, who doesn't totally dig an 80s bash, man? Doesn't matter if you're pushing 80 or just a rad're gonna have a blast at an 80s party! For real, even my teenagers can't resist the call of 80s tunes (they also like mumble rap, but let's not even go there...).

80s shindigs are a thing because everything's just too cool for school. The music, the threads, the crazy hair, and even the party vibes are all maxed out on the fabulous scale. But dude, we don't just stop there. We crank our 80s parties up to eleven by playing the killer music videos while the jams are thumping. It's totally tubular!

66. Concerts

Similar to food events, live concert event options could fill their own blog article. From local artists, to indie pop, to classic rock, or even a soothing evening of jazz under the stars...every performance holds the potential to take us on a different emotional journey, a shared experience that stays with us long after the last note has faded.

67. Costume Parties

Halloween, of course, remains the crowning jewel of costume parties, but why limit it to once a year? Any social club event can become a themed wonderland, giving us the chance to break up daily monotony and bring our favorite characters to life.

My favorite things about costume parties are that they quickly break the ice, bring down barriers and level the playing field as newcomers stand out less as "the newbie" and more as "the one dressed like a pickle".

68. Drunk Shakespeare

Imagine the Bard's iconic scenes being performed, but with a quirky, tipsy twist. That's Drunk Shakespeare for you – an event where we gather to watch professional actors unleash comedic genius, all while one (or more) of them is under the influence. The twist? It's not just the performers who can enjoy a pint or two; we also get in on the action, leading to a riotously unpredictable show. If you're looking for a memorable event, this one delivers in spades.

piano bars are my favorite club socials

69. Dueling Piano Bar

Hanging out at a Dueling Piano Bar is my personal, absolute favorite social club outing. I love the interactive nature of the performances, the nostalgia of favorite, old singalongs and just the fun of watching an entire bar of strangers turn into longtime friends as we sing and laugh into the wee hours.

Pro Tip. Don't assume that your members know what a dueling piano bar is (particularly those older than 60 or from outside the USA). At our last piano bar event, four of our members were expecting a peaceful evening of subdued, classical music! (Thankfully all were able to quickly make the mental shift needed and had a blast.)

70. Pool Foam Party

If you've never tried this, it's a must.'re never too old...

A swimming pool foam party is the epitome of unconventional fun, taking the typical pool experience and transforming it into an effervescent spectacle. With the sun shining and your favorite tunes hitting the airwaves, imagine bubbly foam transforming the water's surface into a dreamlike dance floor. It's a playful, sensory feast of sudsy novelty!

71. Impersonator Performances

Dance the night away to classic hits from the Beatles, Elvis, Queen, Prince and everyone in between. Nothing beats the magical nostalgia of reliving the tunes of our youths with our current gang of compadres.

masquerade balls as a class idea for club socials

72. Masquerade Ball

I thought that masquerade balls deserved their own category because there's just something about them that people find particularly alluring and intriguing.

I'm not sure if it's the dash of sophistication and elegance, or the mystery and intrigue of not being entirely sure who is behind the masks, but, if you're looking for an event idea that will draw a crowd, you can't do much better than a masquerade ball.

73. Murder Mystery Party

If you've never done one, a murder mystery party is basically an interactive, role playing game where everyone plays a character, and someone, secretly playing the villain, has committed a "murder". As the game unfolds, players gather clues and try to piece together the mystery. This type of event is perfect for getting people interacting with each other quickly. For sure, a murder mystery party is a killer way to spice up a social club. (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

74. Silent Disco

Have you been to a silent disco yet?

Imagine a silent room where everyone is wearing headphones and moving in totally different ways. A naive passerby would think something crazy is going on, but it's actually a silent disco where everyone is dancing to different songs.

Silent discos most commonly involve rented headphones and live DJs offering 2-3 different song options at all times, but you could DYI this event by having everyone bring their own headphones and playlists.

A silent disco is a great option for diverse groups of people with different musical tastes, places where loud noise is an issue and (somewhat surprisingly) shy dancers. (With everyone moving to their own beats, no one really knows if your dancing is good or bad!)

Other Social Event Ideas for Adults

Here is a list of random other favorite social club event ideas don't quite fit into the above categories.

75. Escape Room

Escape Rooms are super popular and you can find them almost anywhere. The goal of an Escape Room? To solve all the challenges at hand and "escape" a room within a set time limit. This type of experience (as with any experience during which participants have to work together toward a common goal) is unmatched for bonding. As we combine our skills and rely on teamwork, there's an exhilarating rush of success when we crack a code together!

76. Personal Finance Class

You may not immediately think that a personal finance class would be a good event for a social club. I was, in fact, quite surprised when members started requesting we do one.

Like a gym session, but for our financial health, we dove into aspects of finance such as investing, taxes and retirement funds. We shared finance tips and even discussed some of our money triumphs as well as tribulations.

77. Google Photos Workshops

Have you ever found yourself scrolling endlessly through your phone photo gallery looking for that one picture you took at last year's Halloween party? Or maybe you're camera reel is full of screen shots mixed up with the family reunion photos. try to take a video, but can't because your storage is full - AGAIN.

This is where Google Photos Workshops come in.

These workshops are popular because they are practical and help solve a very common problem that many of us struggle with. Why does it make sense specifically as a social club event? The answer is that these classes provide the perfect mix of useful and social. As we work side by side learning how to clean up our photos, we laugh and share memories.

78. Public Speaking Class

The number one form of social anxiety is public speaking, with some estimates putting rates upwards of 75% of the entire US population being afraid of speaking in public. Toastmaster's International is, of course, the gold standard for those who are serious about stomping out this fear, however, The Trybe hosted a one-off public speaking class with a great deal of interest and success.

To do this, we brought in a professional public speaker to teach us basic techniques for nerves such as breathing exercises and visualization. She also taught us some improv techniques and silly ways to shake off the anxiety. We all cheered each other on. It was a surprisingly great time!

Final Thoughts

Whether we're standing shoulder-to-shoulder on the stage of self-improvement, throwing axes or letting goats climb up our down dogs, it's really the shared experiences—the laughter, the anticipation, the challenges, collective groans and cheers—that create true bonds among social club members.

What I've learned thus far, having enjoyed all of the above experiences (and more) with The Trybe Women's Social Club, what it's really about is COMMUNITY. The events are just the vehicles we use to get there.

About the Author

Angela Caveney, Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist and Founder of The Trybe Women's Social Club. Her absolute favorite things to do are to help women find their people, rediscover themselves and thrive throughout midlife. She can be reached directly at

(*Note. If The Trybe Women's Social Club is not in your location, reach out to Dr. Caveney to start a conversation about creating a club where you live. Even if you don't know a single person in your new city, don't worry!  This is a great way to start to meet new people fast. We'll provide the framework to get you started.)

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