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19 Reasons You Should Join a Social Club

Updated: Apr 28

Join a club today!

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About the Author - Dr. Angela Caveney


As a Clinical Psychologist and Founder of The Trybe Women’s Social Club*, I’m often asked about the reasons why people join. Although The Trybe is primarily for women in midlife, many of the great benefits of joining a social club are the same for everyone regardless of age or gender.

In this post, I’ll summarize 19 reasons you should join (or start) a social club today!

Definition of a Social Club

But first, what exactly is a social club?

Wikipedia broadly defines a social club as a club based around a common interest, activity, or profession. This definition encompasses a wide variety of social clubs, from sports and hobby clubs to professional associations and networking groups.

The Trybe's definition of a social club is that of a community in which every member feels seen, that they belong and that they have a chance to both grow as well as to contribute meaningfully to the group. 

In my article, aptly named "What is a Social Club," I provide detailed information about several aspects of social clubs including their history, types of clubs, characteristics of a healthy social club and so on.

19 Reasons To Join a Social Club

1. Find Your People

The rest of this list is not in any particular order, but, hands down, the number one reason people join social clubs is…wait for it…to make friends. (I know, shocking, right?)

As I explained in this blog post about making friends in midlife, as we age, our social circles tend to shrink and creating social connections can be more difficult, leaving many of us feeling isolated and disconnected.

Social clubs are the perfect place to meet people and begin new relationships since everyone in the club is quite literally there because they are looking to make new friends.

To increase your chances of finding “your people”, look for clubs with lots of members and a consistent and wide variety of activities. You will find your tribe and, if you participate in regular meet ups consistently over time, you will grow to feel a deep sense of community and belonging within the group.

Social clubs present great opportunities to diversify your social circle

2. Expand Your World View

Most people will say they join social clubs to find “like-minded” people with similar interests, but one fantastic and often unexpected benefit of joining a social club is that members often have diverse backgrounds, so you'll meet many people that you wouldn’t otherwise cross paths with in your daily life, thus diversifying your friendships and expanding your world view.

3. Find “Phase of Life” Friends

People often join social clubs because they are experiencing a life transition. For example, the three most common reasons women join The Trybe include that they are 1) a new (or soon to be) empty nester 2) newly divorced/widowed and/or 3) newly retired (humorously, sometimes a husband’s retirement is the trigger).

You'll find members in the same phase of life as you in any social club of people of similar age. This can really help in providing you with a sense of community, support, as well as healthy distraction.

Joining a social club can help you learn your way around fasters

4. Quickly Integrate into Your New Community

It can be difficult to break into existing social circles and make friends when you move to a new city. Joining a social club can dramatically speed up this process so that you quickly begin to feel like you belong in your new community. Through participating in club activities, you’ll meet the most dynamic community members, learn your way around, and be invited to participate more actively in your new community.

Social clubs can help you add to your professional network as well

5. Network for Your Business

Social clubs, while refreshingly distinct from business networking clubs, undeniably offer potent business networking opportunities. In fact, their power lies in the absence of obligatory attendance, referrals, and checklists. Social club activities offer genuine opportunities to build relationships in a relaxing and natural way. As you have fun, learn, and conquer challenges together, meaningful connections are formed. Naturally, people are inclined to recommend business owners that they genuinely know and like.

6. Explore and Share Hobbies

Another great benefit of joining a social club is that it will give you the opportunity to learn and practice new skills through workshops, classes and mentorship. In addition to the knowledgeable person leading the experience, most activities will draw members with a variety of skill levels and similar interests. A gardening activity, for example, will typically include brand new gardening enthusiasts all the way up through master gardener. This benefits everyone involved as novices can acquire fresh knowledge and develop skills, while experts relish the chance to impart their wisdom to enthusiastic students.

(If you're looking for hobby inspiration, check out my articles about empty nest hobbies, social hobbies and interesting hobbies for women in midlife.)

This is not your mother's book club. Social clubs offer a chance to try brand new things.

7. Try Something Brand New

A core tenant of The Trybe Women’s Social Club is that we offer a huge variety of experiences. From Goat Yoga to Axe Throwing - from Spirit Animal Journeys to Qigong, we’re always looking for the UNIQUE. The stranger and newer, the better. I joke with our members that if they’ve never heard of it, or if it sounds terrible…they should consider it a growth invitation to push past their comfort zone and jump right in!

You’ll be amazed at how much fun and rewarding it can be to TRYBE something new!

8. Engage in Lifelong Learning

Joining a social club also provides a unique opportunity for lifelong learning. There are abundant opportunities to continually learn and grow, not only from the structured activities the club offers, but also from the shared experiences and wisdom of fellow members. Healthy social clubs foster an environment where members constantly engage with diverse perspectives, share knowledge and stimulate intellectual growth.

Gain experience with leadership through leading a club

9. Develop Leadership Skills

Social clubs can provide a variety of effective ways for you to develop and practice leadership skills. In addition to leadership of individual activities and events, many clubs have smaller, special interest groups (e.g., cooking, movies, hiking, birding). These smaller groups can be formed and led by any member who is excited about teaching and sharing their hobbies and passions with others.

10. Experience Adventure and Travel

Many clubs offer the opportunity for travel, opening up a world of adventure. Traveling with a club not only enhances your overall experience but also offers unique benefits.

For example, these trips are usually well-organized and planned in advance, which means far less stress for you as an individual traveler. Social club travel organizers are often able secure discounts and special cultural experiences that are not available to individual travelers.

Traveling with a social club allows for opportunities to network and deepen your social relationships through shared experiences.

Your spouse hates to travel? No problem! You have someone else to go on that dream trip with. A final benefit is that traveling with a group of people with whom you're comfortable provides a sense of security, empowering you to grow by stepping further out of your comfort zone.

Creating lasting memories through travel

11. Stay Physically Active

Participating in a social club can help you stay physically active because a variety of events and activities organized by these clubs often involve some level of movement and exertion. This is obvious for classes such as dance or hiking, but even the act of getting off your couch and out of your house increases your level of activity. As you become closer with other members of the club, you'll naturally be invited to participate in additional non-club activities, further enhancing your active lifestyle.

12. Be Invited to Exclusive Events

Social clubs often curate exclusive events and activities that are not available to the general public and that create truly remarkable experiences. Through your club, you might gain access to, for example, special cultural experiences, sports tournaments, charity fundraisers, special private art exhibitions, fashion shows, and live performances in unconventional venues.

Social clubs can offer entrance into exclusive venues

13. Enjoy Membership Discounts

Another benefit of joining a social club is that the club often arranges discounts for its members. These can cover everything from discounted tickets to events to special rates at local businesses. Discounts procured by the club and cost savings through shared resources can help members save money on activities they enjoy and can also make it easier to take part in events or activities that they wouldn't otherwise be able to afford. For example, a group of people sharing expensive sports This is especially true for clubs that focus on activities that require special equipment or supplies, such as sports clubs or hobby clubs.

14. Have Something To Look Forward To

It’s often said that the anticipation of doing something fun can have more positive effects on us than doing the thing itself. A vibrant social club will offer many, varying opportunities so you’ll soon find yourself with a full social calendar that is packed with all different kinds of activities for you to look forward to with excitement.

Make friends with people who are passionate about your hobbies

15. Shake Up Your Routines

Joining a social club adds excitement and variety to your life. The old proverb "variety is the spice of life" holds true. As adults, our lives are often consumed by repetitive daily responsibilities such as work, housekeeping, and caregiving.

With a social club, you never have to stay at home when you want to go out, even if your friends are busy or your husband wants to watch movies for the 12th night in a row. You'll always find someone ready to join you and break away from your usual routines.

16. Create Balance in Your Life

People often join social clubs to attain a better balance in their lives. By scheduling various activities, social clubs offer a counterweight to the everyday routines and responsibilities of work, caregiving, and household chores. They provide an avenue for pursuing personal interests, hobbies, and community engagement, allowing you to alleviate stress and an outlet to unwind and relax.

A social organization can help with work-life balance

17. Have Fun Without the Planning

Social clubs provide a fantastic opportunity for members seeking connection and engagement with others, without the burden of logistics. The beauty of these organizations lies in their pre-planned, diverse activities, alleviating the members from the stress of finding and planning events themselves. This shift of responsibility allows members to focus solely on their own enjoyment and experience.

18. Create Lasting Memories

Do you remember what you ate for lunch yesterday? Chances are you don’t. Our brains are wired to let routine events come and go, while focusing on and remembering novelty. From simple gatherings to larger organized events, social club planners work to create moments that resonate deeply with participants, infusing each memory with a rich tapestry of emotions, laughter, and camaraderie. These colorful, collective activities and shared experiences form the backdrop for memorable moments. (Not to mention the fact that social club organizers are always taking pictures!)

Join a club to create lasting memories

19. Improve Your Mental Health

I have intentionally chosen to list this very important benefit last because it is the RESULT of all of the above reasons to joining a social club. There is no doubt that active participation in a social club will increase your overall feelings of happiness and life satisfaction, while decreasing symptoms of depression and anxiety. Furthermore, when you go through inevitable tough times, the social network you built by actively participating in a social club can provide critically needed support.

Mental health improvement isn’t typically one of the reasons someone overtly lists for joining a social club, but it is undeniably the most all encompassing and the most important.

Being a member of a social group can have significant, positive effects on your mental health

Final Thoughts

Joining a social club can dramatically enrich your life. Social clubs provide opportunities to meet new people, learn new skills, and pursue your interests. With regular participation, social clubs also provide a sense of support, community, and belonging.

By joining a social club, you open doors to new experiences, adventures, and friendships, which can positively impact your mental, emotional, and physical well being. Each social club will have its own unique offerings and focus, so take the time to explore your options and consider your core values and your goals for joining before committing to one particular club. Then…just sign up, show up and begin the journey!

About the Author

Angela Caveney, Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist and Founder of The Trybe. Her absolute favorite thing to do is to help women find their people and thrive throughout midlife. She can be reached directly at

*Note. If The Trybe Women's Social Club is not in your location, reach out to Angela Caveney to start a conversation about creating a club where you live. There are TONS of benefits to starting your own club!

Even if you don't know a single person in your new city, don't worry! This is a great way to start to meet new people fast. We'll provide the framework to get you started.)

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